Coolest Features of Microsoft Office 365

IT specialists are known for providing support when it's needed, but there is a lot more to these professionals than just that. In addition to providing support, they also know how most programs, like Microsoft Office 365 work from top to bottom.

This is how they provide the amazing support that they do. While learning all of this information, it is supposed to be to provide the best support possible, but it also helps them learn some of the coolest things that users can do with their seemingly basic programs. These cool features are some of the support staff's top picks.

Coolest Features of Microsoft Office 365

Work anywhere

Because Microsoft Office 365 automatically syncs with OneDrive, users can easily work on any file, from anywhere, regardless of whether they are online or not. Then, when the same user is back on the internet, they can upload the file and the changes will be perfectly synced. The world continues to change to accommodate everyone, and this is one of the most convenient features for just that.

Laser pointer

When going through PowerPoint presentations, many presenters pick up a laser pointer to help those that are watching keep track of where they are or to point out specific things that are being discussed, such as a person in a picture. If there are four people in the picture, this can easily make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Now, there is no need to spend money on a laser pointer. This cool feature lets users utilize a simple shortcut by pressing the control and P buttons to turn their mouse into a pointer for them.


Thanks to this wonderful feature, everyone on a team can edit the same document at once. It can be a bit crazy the first time that users see it, as several changes begin happening all at once, complete with which author made them, but the thinking behind this feature is pure brilliance. Individuals no longer have to email attachments back and forth, and this helps teams be more productive than ever before.


The team behind office has created their own app, called OneDrive for Android. This genius move by the Microsoft team allows individuals to download the app, giving them access to their cloud storage from any device. Individuals can work on a document at home, then continue to work on it on their tablet while their partner drives them somewhere, and then transition back to the laptop all in one smooth motion.

This idea was not exactly created by the team behind Office 365, but it's still worth of some recognition on their part. They seem to go above and beyond in an effort to make everything as convenient as possible for every user, and that is exactly what this Microsoft app does.

Add a signature

Years ago, individuals had to print out documents, scan them, and then send them back with their beautiful hand written signature. If a business is still doing this, it is time to get with modern times, and Microsoft 365 helps users do that by encouraging an app that can be used to create a signature and then easily paste it onto an email, saving time and helping businesses be more productive than ever before.

Support teams are great for helping fix the bugs that come with Microsoft Office 365, but that is far from all they are good for. These cool features have been around for a while now, and thanks to these IT specialists, many users are just now learning about all of the ways that they can use the great features to save time, and to save their companies money as they increase productivity.
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