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Advanced Android users may have heard about this app and what it does. Magisk is a politician systemless rooting software developed by Topjohnwu. It's the simplest app to use if you’re trying to root an Android device through a Systemless rooting Method. During this article, we listed all the versions of this rooting app – Magisk and Magisk Manager. Also, this app comes with its unique manager like SuperSu; it's the mixture of Superuser manager and Xposed installer. Hence, it's better than the SuperSu App if you’re employing a custom ROM or firmware. And Magisk Manager App Version Latest

Interestingly, this app helps an Android user to cover the basis from certain Apps. This rooting app functions during a unique way that distinguishes it from other rooting apps out there. It doesn't affect your system partition; so, you’ll still retain the advantages packed by your device like receiving OTA updates from your device manufacturer. Even, the app skips practically all security checks involved in rooting Android devices making the entire process more accessible and more straightforward. When this app is employed in rooting a tool, the Android device will still receive OTA updates.

There are many features of this app, and that we have listed them during this article. This is often a comprehensive article for Magisk and Manager.

Supporting Android Versions

- All Android devices running on custom recovery installations

Things to note

All Android devices running on custom re

- Check the mobile device number
- confirm the mobile Android device is charged above 50% (a fully charged battery are going to be best)
- Because running advanced user actions on Android devices can cause unrecoverable data loss, run a full backup of the device files.covery installations Latest Versions

Below are the links to download the available Magisk app versions. We save this latest Magisk file in Google Drive for your easy download.

Download Magisk App V20.4

Magisk Manager Latest Versions

Here are the direct links to download Magisk Manager App for Android devices. We are sure that you can easily download it because we save it in Google Drive for your easy download.

Download Magisk Manager V7.51


As said earlier, there are quite sort of enticing features you’ll find on the Magisk Manager App.- Systemless rooting

- Magisk hides
- Zip file Installation
- System partition
- Root your device Easily
- Hide root
- Custom recovery Installation
- Boot image Installation
- Xposed framework
- Magisk modules
- Safetynet checks
- System files Installation

This article is made for advanced Android users who want to root their mobile devices via the system less method. Magisk may be a tested and trusted app for rooting Android devices faster. We've also included detailed processes on the way to flash and root Android devices using this app. Also, we covered how you'll uninstall the app if you are doing not want to possess it on the device anymore.

Thanks to XDA Developer By topjohnwu.
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