How to Fix a Water Damaged Macbook?

Do you have a Macbook that has been damaged by water? We carry our MacBook's with us all day, they are subject to damage. We couldn't survive a single minute without it because it is such an important part of our lives. Many times it has fallen and had minor scratches, but if it falls from a great height or into the water, it will be severely ruined. Your Macbook may fall into the water unexpectedly at times.

When this happens to you, it's quite tough to know how to react. It is possible to recover your Macbook from damage and critical data & programs if you take the appropriate actions in this circumstance. After all, these high-tech laptop parts are costly, and if something goes wrong, they will be rendered useless. But don't panic, it's always a good idea to try troubleshooting first before MacBook pro screen replacement. If your Macbook is submerged in water for an extended period of time, it is less likely to be recovered.

how to fix a water damaged macbook

If you find yourself in this predicament, this post is for you. We'll show you how to spot a problem and fix it on your own.

Before troubleshooting, keep the following Don’ts in your mind:
  1. Switch off your Macbook. Your Macbook may turn off if it falls into the water, if not, turn it off. If it continues to turn on for an extended period of time, the electrical connections could be shorted, causing irreversible harm to your gadget.
  2. Before turning off your Macbook, don't click or touch any key. Water will be able to enter the mobile parts through this opening.
  3. Jiggling your Macbook. It also makes it easier for water to get into the Macbook.
  4. Using the hairdryer may damage your MacBook's sensitive parts.
  5. Disassemble your Macbook may risk causing extra damage to your device and invalidating your insurance and guarantee.
  6. Heating and chilling is bad for your Macbook. Temperature is crucial since it can cause additional harm by distributing water into laptop parts in a variety of ways.

Top 7 Tips to Fix your Water Damaged Macbook

Turn off the Power of the Macbook

Force shut down your MacBook without thinking and wasting a single minute. Keep hole the Macbook power button until it will turn off. This is not to worry about losing the unsaved data is your device will save. You can do your work again on your device.

Remove the Battery and Disconnect all Peripherals

Disconnect and remove all the external peripherals and batteries. When we are doing work there is a number of devices that we used to do our daily life tasks. They are including printers, wired mice, scanners and many more. If your Macbook connected with a charger disconnect it.

Keep Flip your Macbook like a Tent Position to Drain

This will help to pull out the water back into the keyboard pad and away from the Macbook core components.

Wipe your Macbook Properly

Keep check wherever you see the external part of the Macbook wet. Clean it with a dry cloth. Try to clear and clean the small port of your device. You can use cotton buds for removing all dirty water from the ports. If water remains for more time in the internal part of your gadget it will badly affect the components of the internal circuit.

Keep it in Tent Position and Wait for 2 days at least

After doing the previous step you have to keep your MacBook intent position for 48 hours. It will help to lessen the effect of water damage. If you turn on your device without removing the water it may badly harm your device. Try to leave it for a long time as possible to give the liquid a chance to drain out properly.

If you want to dry your device completely you have to keep it in a tent position as long as possible. You can also place your lovable device in a warm area or put a fan so that it can increase the airflow to evaporate the remaining liquid.

Check your Macbook

Once you feel that your MacBook dried power your device and check if it works. Try to test all the functions such as a trackpad, all keys, web browser, Bluetooth, and some regularly used features. If all is working properly then it means your device is saved. If not then you have to opt for repair as soon as possible. If you take your damaged device for a long time it may more be damaged than earlier.

Clean your Macbook Thoroughly

If your Macbook is running properly then remove all dirt and clean it thoroughly. Dust particles also prevent your device to work properly and after some time your gadget ports collect dirt. Eventually, Macbook will give charging problems and not charge properly. We use high-tech gadgets all day so dry microfiber gathers in small holes. You can use cotton bud or toothpick to clean these ports. Make sure while cleaning doesn’t give much pressure because if the toothpick part breaks and left in laptop parts it will create a big issue.

So, what's next?

If your Macbook is still not working properly, you should consider getting it repaired. If you wait too long to send your beloved device in for repair, it may suffer significant harm. You may have to pay a large sum of money and wait a long time to get all of your problems resolved.

You should look for the best and most reputable repair shop in your region or online. You can get a discount at MacBook pro screen replacement shops. You can compare prices and turnaround times before handing up your gadget. We all know that we can't live without our Macbook for even a minute. We use it for a variety of personal and business tasks throughout the day.

How do you choose the finest iPhone Battery Replacement Repair shop?
  1. Determine whether or not the facility has a sufficient amount of client testimonials about MacBook pro screen replacement services.
  2. Warranty Period.
  3. Take into account the price of the repair part.
  4. Determine which high-quality repair parts they use.
  5. Time to complete the MacBook pro screen replacement task.
  6. Describe the scenario in great detail to the technician.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this post, you will have gained some useful information and confidence in your ability to troubleshoot your water-damaged Macbook. We go over all of the options for your device, but if it becomes more damaged than you anticipated, you should go for the repair option.

Keeping a water-damaged Macbook for an extended period of time might lead to a slew of problems in the future, so try to get it fixed as soon as possible. For laptop parts repair and replacement, please visit our Esource Parts website. Our consumers benefit from our prompt service. Please hurry! Look for the greatest deals and special offers on mobile part repair and MacBook pro screen replacement.

Thank you for reading! Share this article with your loved ones. So, that they can easily spot the water-damaged Macbook problems and fix them their own.
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