How To Free Up Space On Android Internal Memory?

How to free up space on android internal memory? - Smartphone is our daily friend. We usually browse the internet, play games, use different applications. As well as playing games, I save unnecessary data on the phone. The storage of the phone is full. We often even see notifications like "Phone storage is full".

There are many reasons behind the phone's storage being full. I will know them. Then we will have a special advantage to take a good idea in this regard. Today I will discuss with you about how to free up space on android internal memory.

How to free up space on android internal memory

how to free up space on android internal memory

Before that, let's see what we will discuss today.
  1. The reason for storage flowers.
  2. What are the problems if the storage is not empty?
  3. Ways to keep storage empty.
  4. Extra tips.

Reasons why storage of android is full

  • We basically install various apps on the phone. The size of these different types of apps, its data storage plays a significant role in full. Many will say, I don't have many apps on my phone. But still a little successive phone storage shows flowers. In this case, let me say, those who do not have any app installed. These apps like Facebook and Messenger are also installed on their phones. Or have games installed.
Now they must be installed because these are your useful apps. But some extensions or cache made with it are not useful to you. These only create junk files. Now I will give a lot of information about how to remove it. Stay tuned until the end . If you notice this in most cases, you will see that the size of an app has increased. Using the app, the storage of the phone gradually becomes full.
  • Pictures taken with camera, video: Who doesn't take pictures with his own camera? Whether the back camera of your phone is 48 mega pixels or 5 mega pixels, after taking the picture, you will see that each image is 10-20 MB in size. Again, the size of any video shot with the camera is already large. These are full of storage.
  • Game: The game said the utterance. This is because gaming applications have a greater impact on phone storage. When you play daily games, the junk gradually accumulates and the storage of the phone becomes full. In this case, downloading the extension pack of the game, the storage becomes much full.
  • Unused Applications, Files: There are many unused applications or files that we may not use. Many times, even if you uninstall an app, it still has an epoch file. I do not delete them. And these are the storage flowers.
  • Browser : I did not think of the browser. All browsers slow down the phone. Again, it is one of the reasons why the storage of the phone is full.

What are the problems if the storage is not empty?

  1. Mobile slowing down
  2. Lots of lag on mobile.
  3. The mobile hangs.
  4. Applications do not work properly. Or notices about this come from the UI System on the mobile.
  5. There is a huge change in the working quality of mobiles, etc.
For all these reasons you must always leave the phone space or storage empty. Most of the time it becomes costly to keep the storage empty. Again, useful apps cannot be uninstalled. It is not possible to delete useful files.

If you want, you can take some steps to keep the storage empty on the phone. Let's discuss in detail what steps to take. I hope you find it useful.

Ways to keep storage empty

  • When you take a picture with a camera, maybe you click and take a lot of pictures. So I don't remember to delete all the duplicate images a lot of the time. So you should delete them from the phone.
  • Uninstall all duplicate files and apps on the phone. This will make it possible to keep most of your storage empty.
  • We usually use Messenger, Face-book, Whats-App on the phone. Try to clear the mobile data of these apps regularly. All you have to do is:
Hold the app for a while, or try uninstalling it directly. You will see that there is an option called “App Info” which is situated next to “Uninstall” option. Click there from there go to Storage option. Then click on the Clear Data option. This will clear all the data in your app. And for this I will suggest you to Clear Cache instead of Clear Data. It is below the Clear Data option. However, when the data is cleaned, the storage is extensive.

Explain one thing, listen carefully. When you clean the data of Messenger or Whatsapp, it will log you out. You just have to log in later. But if you don't clear any data for a few months, it will freeze.
  • Save your useful large files to Google Drive or Google Photos. This will keep your files completely safe and stored in the virtual space. You can download and bring it back to your phone whenever you need.

Now I say extra tips:

Do not use any storage booster. It slows down your phone a lot. Besides, due to special features, the phone sits with different safety permissions. It is more harmful. If you follow what I have said, your phone storage will be empty.
"Allah Ta'aalaa lebih menyukai pelaku maksiat yang bertobat dibanding orang sholeh yang dirinya tidak pernah merasa salah." ─ UAH

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